We offer a unique, expertise and experienced tailored approach to integrative & expressive psychotherapy to individuals, businesses, and key management professionals - in person, and online.

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The Octagon

is an octagonal room with a tower. On top of the tower there is a copper eagle! The Octagon is an annex to my house for workshops.

The symbol for the Octagon is:

Regeneration, totality, infinity, rebirth, transition and change! This is also symbol for my work as an integrative psychotherapist and an art - psychotherapist!




With me, you can get help processing your personal problems and life issues in a calm environment. You get to work with what weighs on you and what you need to deal with. You process your thoughts with me who listens, hold, understands and guide you to your next step on your life journey. The goal is to give you tools to strengthen your own unique resources and energy. Sometimes it is enough with a few sessions to make life feel manageable again, in other situations a longer psychotherapeutic contact is needed.

We transit from the wet womb to open air, sucking in-first breath. Relationships form. Some endure. Some end. Our sense of home and belonging shifts. What gives life meaning-school, career, family, beauty, creativity, service-ebbs and flows as we age. Our lives are full of transitions. Some weave in and out of our world seamlessly, going unrecognised until years later. Others create a temporary loss of balance. Then there are the transitions that leave you feeling like the GPS of your life has gone haywire. Taking time to recognise life transitions by naming them can offer relief, release, or an invitation to honor a part of your life journey that you may not have considered relevant.

In particular, my interest is to use expressive psychotherapy. For me, this means that I have learned to be responsive to both what is being said and what is not being said, often I use the body language, dream images, images, the imagery and creation, the creative language, as a method of capturing the unconscious threads which is an aid to understanding and managing a situation that needs help and understanding to develop. Creative expression is also a method of self-development.

Services & Expertise

At Octagon Therapy, we know your programmes must be tailored - there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Below are examples of some of the methods we can use to work together. For a detailed quote for your individual, corporate or key management therapy - complete the contact form via the button below. All enquiries will receive a 20-minute telephone follow up free of charge.

  • Individual and couple therapy sessions, 2 hours.

  • Special individual sessions for persons with a serious illness or as supportive treatment to palliative care.*

  • Online sessions, 1⁄2 - 1 hour.

  • Creative self-development. An individual journey.

  • Individual Nature Supported rehabilitation. An

    individual tailored journey.

  • Psycho-spiritual guidance through individual process.

  • On location motivation and inspiration lecture with a connected workshop, usually 1 day. Example Themes: Embracing death,

    The Butterfly Valley, The Death Midwife, Nature as the healer,

    The Power of Hope, Prayer and Dreams.

  • Life Loss and Transition journey, a 3-day long

    workshop for a group between 6 – 15 people.

    We focus on life and loss through sharing and using

    expressive tools.*

  • Key manager training means that it is possible to

    make remarkable qualitative and economic growth in

    your company through an individual supportive

    focus on your leading role. It is a tailored program

    offering an individual design that fits you and your

    company profile alone or/and together with Octagon Therapy


  • I offer a special training program for key managers

    working with death and dying. This is a special

    tailored individual designed program.

Ann Madsen


I am Swedish and Danish Certified Senior Integrative Psychotherapy Specialist, with a Diploma in Expressive Art Psychotherapy and Certified Nurse Manager and Public Health Nurse. I was also trained via an externalisation training program that was built and led by renowned pioneer Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross to achieve my qualification as an advanced facilitator As a result, I have been a member of the global network for more than 20 years. I offer my services in Swedish, Danish and English. I am a global lecturer and have among others attended world congresses in psychotherapy in Australia and South Africa as the lecturer and workshop leader. My book, "The Death Midwife" was published in English and Danish latest article was published in the "Journal for Psychotherapy" (Edition 2, June 2017, Denmark). I not only manage my services through Octagon Therapy, but also through an extended global network of professionals via Ann Madsen & partners.



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